Ceylon Tea

At Kody Dollars (Pvt) Ltd, we take immense pride in exporting the world-renowned Ceylon Tea, celebrated for its exceptional quality, flavor, and rich heritage. With a history dating back centuries, Ceylon Tea is the epitome of tea excellence and has found its place in the cups of tea connoisseurs worldwide.

Our Ceylon Tea Offerings:

  1. Black Tea
    • Our collection includes a variety of black teas, from robust and bold to delicate and aromatic, catering to a diverse range of preferences.
    • Emphasize the exceptional quality, flavor, and aroma of your black teas.
  2. Green Tea
    • We offer a selection of green teas, renowned for their health benefits and refreshing taste, carefully sourced from the lush tea gardens of Sri Lanka.
    • Highlight the freshness, health benefits, and unique flavor profiles of your green teas.
  3. White Tea
    • Explore our range of white teas, prized for their delicate and nuanced flavors, handpicked from the highest elevations in Sri Lanka.
    • Emphasize the purity, rarity, and gentle taste of your white teas.
  4. Herbal and Specialty Teas
    • Our specialty teas are carefully crafted blends, including herbal infusions and flavored teas that cater to unique and evolving consumer tastes.
    • Highlight the innovative and diverse flavors in your specialty teas.
Ceylon Tea